This Man’s Pants Are LITERALLY Combustive (VIDEO)

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There’s been a major epidemic growing in this country over the past several months, and it involves something very close to every single person reading this right now. Cell phones (particularly the Samsung Galaxy Note 7) have been exploding and catching fire left and right, and there’s been major concern that it might happen at an airport or supermarket near you.

This story isn’t about the recalled Samsung phone; it’s about its rival LG. One unsuspecting fellow was walking through a Costco in Puyallup, Washington when he noticed something felt off in his lower region. When he realized his phone caught fire, the man quickly took them off and threw the phone down. Everett Tyrrell, who was a witness to the whole ordeal, stated

“He had taken the pants off and tied the jacket around his waist. And I thought that was unusual, and I looked down, and then there was what looked like to be what’s left of a cell phone. That was very weird to me. I’d never seen anything like that in my life. It’s amazing how much heat must have been generated to cause all that smoke from that small item.”

Fortunately, the man wasn’t injured from the incident, and workers at Costco didn’t want him to suffer the embarrassment of walking around in his underwear; they gave him a nice pair of slacks to wear on his way out of the store. There’s no telling if he actually got what he originally came for or if he just left immediately to get a brand new phone and file a report.

With the chaos surrounding exploding cell phones, there have been one noticeable person to use it as a promotion tool. Rapper Cee-Lo Green got fans concerned after a video of a cell phone exploding near his face went viral, but it was all for a promo video for his alter ego Gnarly Davidson.

Featured image via Komo News/Everett Tyrrell

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