Are You Sure You Are Their Bestfriend? 5 Facts You Might Not Know About Your Dog

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Dogs are just like us; they experience happiness, sadness, and even jealousy. Just like humans, they can easily turn from a friendly best friend to a creepy and scary creature.

A group of researchers started studying 38 dogs from 16 different breeds which focused on how these dogs will behave when their pet-owners deviate their love and attention to a stuffed-dog animal. Surprisingly, these dogs started to act indifferently and slowly showing signs of dislike to their owners. The study simply shows that while dogs are indeed man’s best friend, they can also be our best enemies.

Here are some more interesting facts you need to know about your friendly canine friend:

Your Dog’s Pee Can Corrode Metal

In 2003, dogs were blamed because several lamp posts were collapsing in Croatia. A dog’s pee is highly corrosive and can even corrode thick steel casing.


Dogs Don’t Actually Feel Guilt

Those puppy eyes we know are not actually true. This is just our way of interpreting our dog’s reaction when we scold them

A researcher found out that dogs scolded for doing something bad and the dogs wrongly accused of doing the same bad thing exhibits the same reaction, sometimes those wrongly accused even shows a more “guilty” look.


Dogs Can Actually See In Color

Contrary to what most people know that dogs can only see black and white, dogs can actually see in color. Humans have three cones in their eyes, while dogs only have two, however, this still enables them to see colors in blue and yellow scale, but can’t distinguish colors red and green.


Dogs Can Sense Your Disease

A dog’s sense of smell are very sensitive and researchers found out that dogs are able to detect an abnormality in the human’s body. If you see your canine friend acting weird around you, maybe it’s time to see a doctor.


A Wagging Tail Can Mean Different Things

Most people believe that a dog’s wagging tail is a sign of friendliness. But, there are actually different types of tail wagging and it could mean different things.

If a dog wags her tail to the right, this means that they’re happy. If a dog wags her tail to the left, this means that they’re frightened. However, if you see that they’re wagging low and moving rapidly, this could be bad for you because it shows aggression.


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