Trump’s Defense Behind ‘WireGate’ Claim Is Bizarre (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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Even after gold-star-suck-up Paul Ryan cited that no sort of wiretapping took place, President Trump continues to claim that Obama wiretapped him during some sort of campaign shenanigan moment.

He even decided to bring the James Bonds into the picture, potentially setting aflame a very serious foreign policy “mishap.”

But, the explanation he has for why he wholeheartedly believes he was wiretapped is just as confusing as blaming the British.

“I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.”

That was President Trump’s initial response to political journalist Tucker Carlson’s question. When Carlson called him out on not having any legitimate information, his response was this:

“I don’t want to do anything that’s going to violate any strength of an agency.”

And, while you might not think that’s so bad, his response when Carlson blatantly called him out on being able to back up what you say was an incredibly bad attempt at misdirect.

“I have my own form of media. So if I tweet two or three or four or five times a day, and if most of them are good, and I really want them all to be good, but if I make one mistake in a month — this one I don’t think is going to prove to be a mistake at all.”


To phrase this in a way that’s easier to understand, someone just questioned Trump on why he believes Obama took a cookie from a cookie jar, and when asked to prove it, he went on a rant about how he tells his friends “two or three or four or five times a day” that Obama did, in fact, take the cookie. But, sometimes he makes mistakes, but he knows this isn’t a mistake. Obama did, in fact, take that cookie.

That still doesn’t answer the original question, which was: proof, please?

When questioned about the tweets he made “alluding to” the wiretapping claims, he shrugged it off with the mere fact that he put the word “wiretapping” in quotations every time to denote a broader sense of the word.

Challenge accepted.

A couple jelly beans short of a bowl, President Trump.

There has been no evidence brought forth in “WireGate”, so that leaves us with only one other option for entertainment: wait until the next “scandal” hits the White House.

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