This New Perfume Will Make You Irresistible…To Your Hound Dog (VIDEO)

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We all have those special smells that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Freshly baked bread. Cinnamon and apples.

The smell of a baby. Or that special, warm smell of a beloved pet. Maybe you can close your eyes and remember the smell of your old dog when you’d kiss him on the top of his head.

Or maybe you get a special surge of sweet memory when you remember the smell of a kitten’s neck.

One New York perfume company has made its name by creating unusual scents.

Demeter Fragrance Library specializes in bringing more smiles to the world, one scent at a time. Their website says it this way:

Demeter wants to expand the use of fragrance, each day, everywhere! 

Because every time you smell something you love, you smile. And the world needs more smiles.  It is just that simple, and that difficult: we believe people can change the way the feel, through scent.”

Demeter has a lot of scents, all of them designed to bring back fond memories. Some of the fragrances are typical, like “Honeysuckle” or “Lavender.” Others are just plain strange, like “Mushroom” or “Paint.” (Paint?)

The company says that it has been at work for a full 15 years on its latest happiness inducing aroma. At last, though, they have it. Eureka!

The scent is called “Kitten Fur.” It is said to smell like that perfect spot just behind a kitten’s neck.

Or, as the site writes it, “that purrfect spot” behind the kitty’s little neck.

What an interesting idea! So many great memories of childhood, or of more innocent times, can be brought up with just the right smell. The aftershave of a beloved grampa or the cool smell of a damp fall morning.

I’m sure that a lot of cat lovers will find comfort and joy in remembering the smell of a sleepy, warm kitten.

I’m just not sure about the woman who spritzes on “paint” and hopes for a successful date.

Or check out this scent, in the video below. Really weird!

Featured image by Jennifer C. via Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

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