Homophobic Elevation Church Pushing Their Way Into Schools (VIDEO)

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The anti-LGBT Elevation Church is trying to shove its way into schools. They refuse to publicly answer whether or not they think homosexuality is a sin. The church wants to send out 1,000 volunteers to mentor students in the area in North Carolina. That sounds good; however, the schools are worried about the welfare of their LGBT students.

Jamie Waldron, who is the church’s director of outreach programs, told The Christian Post:

“I am absolutely in love with our church. To see that the people of our church step up and move toward an issue rather than say, ‘You know what, that’s too bad, those people could use some help’ is amazing.”

One parent and LGBT-ally, Steve Knight, said this about the initiative:

“If they are put into contact with LGBT students, coming from a position of authority…then those interactions between students and Elevation volunteers could lead to conversations about sexuality and provide an opportunity for them to share their conservative, anti-gay theology with these kids. That would concern me, as a parent of three kids who don’t want to be evangelized at school and certainly don’t want to be told that they or their friends who may be LGBT are in some way wrong or deficient.”

We don’t need a bigoted church trying to worm its way into our schools.

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