YIKES! Tennessee Woman Wakes Up Next To a Snake (VIDEO)

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The fear of snakes is pretty common among human beings. One school of thought believes that evolutionary psychology can explain why so many humans loathe snakes, spiders, and other creepy crawlies. Specifically, when humans were still evolving from apes, snakes and spiders remained the few animals that could still attack our ancestors who sought shelter in trees.

Poor Christine Humphries of Cheatham County, Tennessee came very close with this ancient fear last Friday morning. At around 2 a.m., Humphries woke up in her bed with an unexpected visitor–a 3-foot snake.

Humphries’ brush with terror began with a nap on the couch. The admittedly exhausted Humphries woke up briefly and decided to relocate to her own bed. Quietly and without warning, the snake crept its way into her bed.

“I finally started dozing off because I was so tired. I woke up and thought that my cat had touched my arm but I realized it wasn’t cat fur a few minutes later.”

As the bed started to rise along with her body, Humphries grabbed a flashlight and discovered the unwanted intruder.

“I yelled for my daughter downstairs. I was in shock because I’ve never had a snake in my house.”

Fortunately for Humphries, the sheriff’s deputies who removed the snake from her home told her that it was a non-venomous rat snake. This good news did little to quiet the nerves of Humphries or her friends. The very next night, a planned scary movie viewing party was canceled.

Humphries believes that the snake managed to enter her home through a basement flood drain.

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