Just When This WRC Racer Makes Major Mistake…He Completely Changes His Luck (Video)

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Typically rally cross racers usually have a good sense of direction, as well as a map wielding passenger to help them avoid getting lost on some of the world’s fiercest rally circuits.

However, for one driver, an errant bump nearly ruined his day, but he still managed to win the event despite his brief unplanned detour.

Kris Meeke a World Rally Cross (WRC) driver competing in the Rally Mexico race was entering the final stage of the course, when a stray bump sent him and his Citroen C3 rally car flying off the road, through a shrubby tree line, and into an adjacent parking lot.



With the finish line only a kilometer away, Meeke scrambled to find a way out of the lot, and even had to squeeze his car between spectator vehicles at one point, before finally finding a gap in the trees that allowed him to thunder back onto the course.

Luckily thanks to the 37.8 second lead he built up prior to entering the final stage, Meeke ended up winning the event anyway, finishing 13.8 seconds ahead of four time WRC champion Sebastien Ogier

When asked how he felt about the whole experience in a post race interview, Meeke kept it short and straight to the point revealing

Trying to find my way out of the parked cars and trying to find a gap in the hedge. Alot of things went my way, so thank you.


The feat was even more impressive considering Meeke not only managed to clip a car on his way into the parking lot, but also finished the race with a flat tire he sustained when going through the tree line.

Overall a crazy way to end the day for Meeke, but this incident shows just how unpredictable the world of rally cross can be. As for the owner of the car that got clipped, he can rest assured knowing that the Citroen racing team has good insurance to cover any repairs.

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