Single Mother Pushed Into Prostitution By Fortune Teller, Judge Rules

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The Japanese court sincerely believes in mind control. That’s why, back on January 18th, a judge in the Tokyo District court ordered a fortune teller to pay a fine worth ¥98 million. The unscrupulous fortune teller stood convicted of “coercing” a single mother from Saitama Prefecture into a life of prostitution.

This bizarre case was presided over by Judge Sotaro Tomura, who chided the fortune teller for abusing a psychologically damaged single mother.

“The fortuneteller [sic] had instilled fear into the the heart of the woman by making her believe she was carrying tremendous debt, controlled her as she wished and forced her to hand over significant amounts of money.”

According to a report in the Japanese newspaper Shukan Shincho, the fortune teller in question began preying on the woman in 2008. At that time, the victim had just completed a divorce from her husband and took custody of their two children. Furthermore, the victim had been abused as a child and had suffered from an undisclosed eating disorder in the past.

Investigators learned that the fortune teller began extorting money from the woman early on. Then, around 2011, after meeting with the fortune teller daily, the woman moved into the fortune teller’s apartment. Not long afterwards, other residents in the building began complaining of the pungent stench coming from the building’s pipes.

The likely cause of this smell was the victim’s daily vomiting.

Image via: Australian Broadcasting Company

The unfortunate woman’s nightmare finally came to a close in 2o13, when tax inspectors began looking into irregularities associated with the fortune teller’s business. Police determined that the fortune teller had not only forced the woman to work in a nearby brothel (where she performed the illegal act of honban, or “full sex”), but had taken in 100-percent of the woman’s earnings for almost two years.

This story comes hot on the heels of the revelations made by a former porn star that many actresses are forced into sex work by shady “modeling” contracts. Many of these unwilling adult actresses are “gang-raped” on camera or otherwise abused by filmmakers and AV companies.

These scandals are effectively forcing Japanese lawmakers to confront the horrors of Japan’s lucrative sex industry.

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