SCARY: Houston Homeowners Find Human Bones In Their Attic

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It is the stuff of horror movies. Last Saturday, a Texas couple moved into their new home in Houston and discovered something so awful that they refused to spend the night in the house.

Human bones were discovered in a space behind the walls of the attic. The bones showed signed of having been gnawed on or otherwise disturbed by local animals. Furthermore, a pair of unclaimed red eyeglasses were also discovered.

The bones and the glasses may belong to the home’s former owner, 61-year-old Mary Cerruti. Cerruti went missing in 2015 after neighbors noticed that Cerruti had not collected her mail or mowed her grass in a long time. Police subsequently field a missing-person report that same year.

Cerruti stopped paying the mortgage on her $400,000 home in 2014.

Image via: Washington Post

Somehow, the bones managed to remain unnoticed despite the fact that police officers, firefighters, renovators, and animal control officers had walked through the house at various times before the property went into foreclosure and was sold the unfortunate couple. Firefighters reported back in 2015 that the home had an awful smell, and yet they chalked it up to the presence of Cerruti’s malnourished and unattended cats.

The bones have been removed from the home since their discovery. Police investigators are looking into the possibility of murder, along with other scenarios.

Featured image via: Washington Post

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