Geese Are Disappearing From This Town, And The Reason Why Is Outrageous!

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While one might think that geese aren’t that much of a threat to the environment, that’s not the case with Canadian geese. These birds might look harmless, but their droppings can cause serious damage to the atmosphere. Their poop has caused sickness, polluted several waterways, and make it harder for people to go to parks.

Edgewater, New Jersey has dealt with this issue for years and implemented a plan in 2013 to lower the amount of Canadian geese in the region by capturing and euthanizing them. Over the years, the amount of birds euthanized sharply decreased; in 2013, they managed to get rid of 91, and in 2015, they removed 17. This isn’t their first attempted at trying to shoo Canadian geese away; in 1998, they tried chasing them away from Veterans Field by using dogs.

According to Edgewater Mayor Michael J. McPartland, they’re not renewing their plan this year due to the scarce amount of Canadian geese in the region. Last year, they only took out seven birds.

Their entire geese euthanasia did come with some backlash; last year, they received complaints after announcing plans to use carbon dioxide to remove geese. Enough carbon dioxide can lead to confusion, convulsions, and comas. Protests and a petition stopping the use of the toxin, which was signed by over 5,000 people, were the results of this decision. When it came to the criticism, McPatland states

“They crucified us, the town and council, looking for notoriety. There are 70 municipalities in the state that use the USDA program and kill far more birds than us.”

As of right now, they’re trying to find a way to keep the geese away from Veteran’s Field, which was closed in December 2011 because of the massive amount of droppings found during renovations. The park reopened back in December. If the amount of Canadian geese rises, the mayor won’t rule out bringing back the carbon dioxide plan.

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