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Could Fasting Be The Solution For Diabetes? (VIDEO)

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In an amazing breakthrough scientists have discovered that a fasting diet has led to reversal of diabetes type 1 and type 2. In a video from USC Davis School of Gerontology their claim is that a fasting diet can repair pancreas cells by:

…turning on genes normally activated during fetal development.

This is exciting news for sufferers of the dangerous disease. Diabetes type 1 is a result of the pancreas not being able to create insulin (needed to break down sugar) and prior to these tests, it was thought that type 1 could not be affected by diet. Diabetes type 2 is usually a result of the body becoming resistant to insulin. This new discovery claims that fasting is a way to reprogram damaged cells in the pancreas to hopefully rid the body of the disease.

In the tests on mice, the USC Davis School of Gerontology claim to have had success with both forms of diabetes. Currently Diabetes Type 1 has no cure and requires injections on insulin. While scientists have been trying to reprogram cells in diabetes sufferers with stem cell research, this new breakthrough of fasting offers a brilliant and promising alternative.

In the clinical study, the fasting diet also showed promising results with regard to other diseases associated with ageing including cancer and cardiovascular disease. The claim is that these genes that are activated by fasting produce:

…neurogenin-3 (Ngn3), a protein that led to the generation of healthy new beta cells.

It seems that by fasting the mice have created stem cells that allowed them to kill damaged cells and create brand new working ones.

The Fast Mimicking Diet or “Prolon” means only eating 1/3 of your regular calorie intake for five days a month, while eating sensibly for the rest of the month. There are more trials to follow, but so far the results look great.

Who knew the answer might be so simple? Thank you science!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not begin any diet without first consulting your doctor.


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