Attention Witches: Anti-Trump Spells To Be Cast At Midnight (VIDEO)

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Human’s have been using magic for centuries. We have always tried to control the world around us through rituals and magic. Groups of people have gathered together to try to influence the weather, the harvest, their health and their prosperity.

We’ve also used magic to try to control other humans. We’ve done that a lot.

Today is no exception.

A group of witches and other believers in magic are planning to work together to perform a “binding spell” on President Donald Trump.

This is not a harmful spell; they aren’t trying to hurt the President. It isn’t a hex or a curse. Instead, practitioners of magic say that the idea is to simply prevent Trump from doing any harm.

Michael Hughes is a novelist and a writer about the paranormal. He has written about this movement, and when it began to go viral, he created a Facebook page for followers.

The idea is simple, mysterious and really intriguing. Everyone who believes in magic, or who is willing to be open minded and give it a try, is welcome to participate.

The spell is to be cast exactly at midnight on every waning crescent moon until Donald Trump is out of office. The first one happens tonight, February 24th, at midnight.

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to join in the casting of the spell:

  • Unflattering photo of Trump
  • Tower tarot card
  • Tiny stub of an orange candle or orange carrot
  • A pin or small nail (to inscribe candle)
  • White candle (any size), representing the element of Fire
  • Small bowl of water, representing elemental Water
  • Small bowl of salt, representing elemental Earth
  • Feather (any), representing the element of Air
  • Matches or lighter
  • Ashtray or dish of sand

There is a script to follow, which you can find right here. Basically, the words of the spell call upon the elements of air, fire and water to bind the President. It asks for the help of the heavenly hosts, the demons and our ancestors to prevent him from doing any harm. In part it says:

To bind

Donald J. Trump

So that he may fail utterly

That he may do no harm

To any human soul

Nor any tree




or Sea”

There are specific steps to take in using the candle, in preparing with prayer before beginning, and in ending the spell. Practitioners get to burn the unflattering photo of Trump, which would feel very good all by itself.

After casting the spell, people are supposed to laugh loudly and heartily, since the President hates being laughed at.

Magic has always been used by humans to give ourselves a feeling of power and control over a scary world. This seems like a perfect time to try it once again.

This video is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it captures the idea of the spell.

Featured image by graynaturalhair via Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

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