Top 10 Memes Of The Week

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There are some sick minds out there on the internet. Here are some of the nastiest memes that these people can come up with:

1. The Interview

Image via Ebaumsworld

We’ve all been in this interview.

2. This is punny.

Image via Ebaumsworld

I groaned a bit.

3. Trumplethinskin Spreading The Tweets

Image via Donald Trump Memes

Yes, this asshole is our president.

4. Serious Llama

Image via Ebaumsworld.

This llama isn’t taking your shit.

5. Jupiter

Image via Memes Facebook Page

Jupiter rocks!

6. Grandma’s Breakfast

Image via Memes Facebook Page

7. We All Know The Feeling

Image via Memes Facebook Page

Once I’m in bed, I never want to get out of it.

8. Someone’s Got Too Much Time On His Hands

Image via Memes Facebook Page


9. Our Alpaca Overlords Are Waiting


Image via

I might be okay with this.

10.¬†We’ve All Been There.

Image via Memes Facebook Page.

This is totally me.

Featured image via Twitter.


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