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Is This An Alien Reptile Photographed On Mars? (VIDEO)

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In strange footage it has been noticed that a reptile-like alien may have been photographed on Mars. The footage shows a thorny like creature that appears to have horn like ears.

YouTuber ArtAlienTV – Mars ZOO narrates a video discussing the curious discovery and he names it the “one inch alien”. In the video he analyzes the raw photos that have come directly from the NASA website. He says it looks like it has a:

…beak, an eye, possible limbs… very odd indeed.

When he zooms in on the enhanced photos we then see a color corrected version. It is in this part of the video that two white horns seems to appear.

Although he then concedes it could just be a rock.

Even though it could be a rock, the shape of the ‘thing’ does somehow look like the head of a lizard or a bird or some kind of symmetrical creature. The narrator then says the creature’s body could be a shell like that of a turtle or tortoise. If it is an animal of some sort, it is sitting behind a rock and so we cannot see the whole thing.

Curiously it also looks a bit like a strange lizard from Australia called the Thorny Devil, as shown in a video below.

It is a fascinating observation and until we learn more the pictures have to speak for themselves. Rock or reptile with horns? You can decide for yourself.


Watch the clip of the said ‘horned’ creature here:


If you don’t want to travel all the way to Mars to see if it is in fact an alien, these Thorny Devils from Australia are definitely real and a lot closer:

In September 2016, The British Express also reported a snake like creature being captured by the amazing NASA cameras. Watch:

Featured image via YouTube.

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