Breastfeeding Mom Strikes Back At Trolls Calling Her ‘Gross’ (VIDEO)

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Nadine Muller, a registered nurse, fitness instructor, and mom, has decided to fight back against trolls who are shaming, not just her, but other breastfeeding moms.

Muller has been joyfully posting pictures of her breastfeeding her now 16-month-old son, Madden, because the experience has been both joyful and stressful for her as a mother. Though she normally gets mostly positive remarks and comments on her beautiful photos, she also gets her fair share of trolls.

It was one of her more recent posts, and the comments that ensued that pushed Muller to fight back against shaming.

This is how we are spending most of the day ?? Thanks to those who have sent well wishes after seeing my instastory! Poor Madden has come down with the dreaded gastro bug ? I’m currently cleaning runny ? (that his nappy couldn’t contain) off our mattress while I was putting the sheets and mattress protector in the wash for the second time (just my luck ?). The boss has insisted to wear one shoe the entire day, has been hanging off these on rotate whilst nipple crippling the other while he’s at it, I’ve read the same Spot book about 50million times over at his request and I’m not even rousing on him for getting into all of the outta-bounds cupboards that he’s obsessed with, WHATEVER makes you happy baby! ? Gastro can go EAD! ? . . . ______________________________________________________ #son #toddler #mumsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #instababy #sick #breastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding #breastmilk #candidchildhood #lifewithababy #babyspam #gastrobug #motherhood #mumlife #realparenting #letthembelittle #parenthood #instalove #babiesofig #love #picoftheday #instamum #instamoment #instagood

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When one troll in particular decided to attack Muller for her breastfeeding photograph, calling it “gross,” Muller struck back with a slideshow and hashtag that promoted other women to show their beautiful breastfeeding experiences as well.

She added a note stating:

FACT: Mothers don’t post these images & videos purely for attention. They don’t post photos purely to make a statement. They don’t post coz [sic] they think everyone should nurse their child out in the open. They don’t post advocating that breastfeeding is the only way a baby should be fed. They post because they are #proud, to give other mums encouragement, they post so that other mums feel accepted, supported & respected.

Well done Nadine. We hope your bravery and positivity encourages other mothers to step out of the bathroom stalls, throw away the blankets, and stand proudly for breastfeeding.

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