This Puts A Whole New Twist On The Term ‘Potty Mouth’

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If you’ve ever dreamed of opening a restaurant of your own, we sincerely doubt that your big dream was to open a place where the guests sat on commodes and ate out of tiny toilets.

However… that’s apparently what quite a number of people have thought because there doesn’t seem to be a big shortage of bathroom themed eateries. One can’t help but wonder about the sanity of someone who thinks the powder room is the best theme for your restaurant.

If they were looking for something out of the ordinary and eye catching, they seem to have found it. Though they may not be getting the kind of attention they were looking for.

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The Magic Restroom Café in Los Angeles offered such scrumptious menus items such as Golden Poop Rice, Black Poop (chocolate sundae), smells Like Poop (rice with braised pork), and the delicious Bloody Number Two (vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping.). The place tanked after only eight months.

In China, in the Shanxi Province capital of Taiyuan is Bog Roll, where quests also sit on toilets, but these are cushier because they have velveteen poop pillows. Tables are glass covered sinks and napkins are dispensed on a toilet roll.

The Daily Mail reports:

Toilet restaurants have become popular across China, with cities including Chonqing, Shanghai, Kunming and Hangzhou boasting their own loo chains, and others in Korea and Japan.

Rocket News 24

There are plenty of bathroom themed restaurants in Taiwan it seems, with an actual chain of them called Modern Toilet. Here, the toilet seats are fancy and interesting to look at as reported by Rocket News 24.

The latest toilet themed restaurant just opened in Toronto and offers even cushier seats than Bog Roll, and lovely red toilets. Check out the Poop Café.

Hopefully, it will fare better than the one in Los Angeles did.

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