Misogynist Chiropractor Has Created A Glue For Your Menstrual Cycle

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There has always been a questionable stigma attached to chiropractors but one Wichita, Kansas doctor has taken the weirdness to a whole new level. Daniel Dobbs has come up with a “lipstick” that when applied, basically glues your vagina shut to avoid menstrual flow from coming out.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Dobbs, also known as the CEO and President at Mensez Technologies, describes his product on LinkedIn as:

Mensez feminine lipstick is a natural patented compound of amino acids and oil in a lipstick applicator that is applied to the labia minora and causes them to cling together in a manner strong enough to retain menstrual fluid in the vestibule above the labia minora where the vaginal opening and urethra exit. The Mensez compound is instantly washed away with urine, which releases the menstrual fluid along with the urine into the toilet every time a woman urinates. No pads or tampons are needed. Safe, secure and clean.

To make matters worse, Dobbs seems to be rolling around on the misogynist train by commenting about his sex and creation of the project by stating:

[Y]ou as a woman should have come up with a better solution than diapers and plugs, but you didn’t. Reason being women are focused on and distracted by your period 25% of the time, making them far less productive than they could be. Women tend to be far more creative than men, but their periods that [sic] stifle them and play with their heads. A lot of the LGBT community, lesbians in particular, are furious at me because I’m a white straight man.

But just for good measure to show he isn’t sexist he made sure to let Forbes know:

My receptionist is a lesbian.

Okay Mr. Dobbs, go ahead and bring your vagina glue over, I am pretty sure we could find something to do with it, but you will never be the same afterward.

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