Feminist Trevor Noah Reshapes Stand-Up Comedy (VIDEO)

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Yesterday was the debut of Trevor Noah’s new stand-up special, Afraid of the Dark, and it is pretty great. He manages to bring his trademark sophistication and empathy apparent on The Daily Show and brings it to a colloquial and personal setting, returning to the familiarity of 2013’s African American.

It seems stand-up is traditionally used as mask to hide behind while addressing particularly offensive material. Most comedians try to stand out by pushing the envelope of what can and cannot be said publicly. The controversy fuels their career. They gain attention by crossing the line—saying things that no one has before.

It’s apparent that Trevor Noah isn’t a stranger to this system, but he flipped the spectrum. One thing that breaks the mold in this special is his dedication to feminism.

“Guys do it all the time—hit you with the phrase ‘don’t be a pussy.’ Yes, because it implies weakness… And yet, in my personal experience, I have found the pussy to be one of the strongest things I have ever come across in my life. Don’t be a pussy? Have you ever come across a pussy? The vagina is one of the most powerful things. You realize vaginas can start revolutions and end wars? You realize even on a physical level, the vagina is one of the strongest things that have ever existed? Virtually indestructible! Many men in this room have tales about how they have defeated the pussy. Let me tell you now—they have not. The owner of the pussy may have given you the impression that you have defeated the pussy, but it is alive and well my friends… You realize human beings come out of a vagina? Human beings come out, and it continues to work at intended! Do you understand how impressive that is? …You just sit on a penis wrong and it breaks!”

Later on in the show, he claims the best way to get out of a compromising situation with a guy at a bar is to hit him with a thick, Russian accent—nothing is more intimidating.

While any edgy talk on Donald Trump and current policies may have been expected but is unfortunately absent, he isn’t afraid to share his political and social views. All the while, too, he shares interesting perspectives on Barrack Obama, colonialism, and destroying ignorance.

Comedy with a good message? Who would have thought.

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