Drive Thru Services Offered At Funeral Home (VIDEO)

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Drive-Thru services make it easy and convenient for those who are on the go. This is common at fast food restaurants. Most people prefer to grab a burger and fries at the drive-thru window instead of going inside.

Now, in a new twist, drive-thru services are being offered at a funeral home.

A funeral home in Memphis is expanding its services to incorporate a drive-thru for families and loved ones. For families who purchase their funeral package, the “drive-thru viewings are offered for no extra charge.”

This will allow families to say their goodbyes without having to get out of their vehicle. Ryan Bernard, who is the funeral director, explained how he came up with the idea:

I thought it would be neat to add to the Memphis area. Just to add something unique to our funeral home. Some people, they don’t want to deal with the hassle.

The drive-thru funeral service is supposed to eliminate the hassle of certain inconveniences such as bad weather and parking issues. There are a few families who have already started using the services, but there are those who expressed their concerns. Myron Baker, a Memphis local said:

Why would you even do that though? At certain places, they say you should celebrate death. But at the same time, that’s something that is private for the family, so if you have a drive-thru window, that shows that really, you’re just promoting a business.

The drive-thru service is also convenient for people “who have limited mobility or just hate funerals.”

Bernard said:

You’ll be surprised at how many people who just can’t stomach coming into a funeral home. They’re scared, so it offers convenience to those.

A drive-thru window for funeral services is not the only thing Bernard has planned for the funeral home, he is also planning on adding “live-streaming of funerals” very soon.

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