This Poor Puppy Got More Than He Bargained For When He Swallowed A Spoon

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Dogs swallow all kinds of weird things that they are not supposed to swallow. If the things they swallow are harmless then it’s kind of funny and it is easy to laugh it off.

But when something dangerous, like a teaspoon for instance, gets swallowed by a puppy, who wouldn’t panic?

This is what happened to a 4-month old labrador, Theodore. According to the owner, Theodore had just finished his lunch when he snatched a spoon from the counter. It happened so fast that the owner could only watch as the dog accidentally swallowed the spoon “like spaghetti.”


The poor puppy had to be anesthetized so the spoon could be removed.

Surgeon David Martin said:

“We often see pets that owners believe have swallowed something they shouldn’t have. Often the things they swallow will pass through without causing any problems, however this is not always the case.”


“It took a while to find the spoon as Theodore had just eaten, but eventually it was found and we carefully maneuvered it out.”

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