Model Injured In Disasterous Golf-Tee-Booty Incident Sues Playboy

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When Liz Dickenson offered her buttocks as a golf tee for a sporting promotion and event, she did not expect to get injured. According to Ms. Dickenson, who had worked as a model for Playboy back in 2012, her role as a tee was all in fun. She really was not expecting to get slammed in the butt with a 5 Iron golf club.

In fact, “5” is probably not the luckiest number for Liz, considering the event happened on Par 5 during a locally sponsored golf tournament. That’s when an area radio host made the mistake of slamming the model’s backside with his driver. As a result, the intrepid beauty received a welt the size of the small grapefruit on her rear end.

While the model indicated that she was ready for the radio jockey to swing the club on video, her testimony indicated that she really did not think he would follow through with his swing. Regardless of the “she said, he said” battle that ensued, Ms. Dickenson came out as a victor in her unusual lawsuit.

Not only did the Playboy beauty win money for the lawsuit for her injury, she also received damages for pain, suffering, stress and anxiety. She probably will not pose anytime too soon as a piece of sporting equipment for any company.