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Heartbreaking Note From A Five Year Old Boy Sparks Internet Search

Chrissy Marie Wright had her windchime stolen which is not the kind of story that makes international headlines, but this theft came with a twist.

Walking out onto her porch the following morning, Chrissy found this note:

“I am sorry that we stole your windchimes our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window. I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad at us. – Jake”

Accompanying the note was a crumpled five dollar bill.

Chrissy was not in the least bit angry, and in an attempt to track down the young lad she wrote on her Facebook page:

“Well Jake, I’m not sure who you are, but you can come get your money back sweetie. I had three of those wind chimes you can come back get your money back and have one also so both of you have your own. I am not mad please come over to my house”

Chrissy had walked her Lakewood, Washington neighborhood trying to track them down, feeling an affinity with Jake because she too lost her mother when she was only five years old.

On Thursday, Jake’s aunt posted in the Facebook group revealing that she knew him. Chrissy has been in contact with the family who wishes to remain anonymous right now and she plans to meet them in person soon.


Featured Image Via Facebook/Chrissy Marie

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What Was The Fate Of This ‘Utter B*stard Of A Cat?’

Animal shelters usually write cute and endearing descriptions of their residents, sharing their likes and dislikes and quirks of their personalities. An Austrailian organization, Cats Of Melbourne, is no different, except in the case of “Lord Bigglesworth” where they dropped the cute and endearing part and replaced it with brutally honest and terrifying. According to the… … Keep Reading

Man Tries To Help ‘Removes Transgender Woman’s Testicles’ At Her Apartment — Hint: Don’t Do This At Home

A man from Denver, Colorado is currently being accused of removing a transgender woman’s testicles with a basic Army surgical kit in the confines of her own home. James Pennington, the type of person you would think to promote this exact type of action, is now facing felony assault charges after he admitted to the… … Keep Reading


Do’s And Don’ts Of Arguing

We’ve all been cornered in an argument with an RWNJ. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of arguing in general, but they could easily be used in an argument with an RWNJ. Don’ts Don’t place blame. People don’t like to be attacked. Lay out your points without attacking the other person. Don’t interrupt the person.… … Keep Reading


Police Using Cell Snooping Devices To Track Illegal Immigrants

Law enforcement officials have used cell phone tracking devices to track down suspects in criminal investigations. However, they are now using these devices to track down illegal immigrants as part of President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants. Nathan Wessler, staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, said: “While the… … Keep Reading


Honey Bees Are MUCH Smarter Than You Think! (VIDEO)

Honey bees are known to be natural scavengers and calculated gatherers. They are vital pollinators that many species rely on globally. Many of us, however, view these insects as somewhat mindless, drawn by their senses and instinct alone. This, of course, is far from the truth. Not only do honey bees live in a rigidly… … Keep Reading

Georgia’s Death Row Guy Channels Cool Hand Luke In Last Words: ‘You Can Kiss My White Trash A** (VIDEO)

One of Paul Newman’s most notable movies was Cool Hand Luke, a 1967 prison drama. He played Luke, an inmate who wouldn’t conform to life behind bars. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that an inmate recited lines from it while being executed. J.W. Ledford, Jr. was executed last Wednesday at 1:17 am in Georgia. He originally… … Keep Reading

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Vancouver Scientists Discover A Complex Language Between Plants!

In 1997, a study by the University of British Columbia, led by Suzanne Simard, discovered that certain trees—namely douglas fir and paper birch—can transfer carbon (used in the trees’ photosynthetic and respiratory processes) between them via mycelia (underground fungus). Since then, scientists globally have discovered the exchange of nitrogen and phosphorus through the same method.… … Keep Reading

Author Who Went Public About 1-Inch Manhood Writes Coping Manual For Fellow Tiny Guys

“Micropenis” is a medically-documented term that denotes when a man has an unusually small penis. Ant Smith, who went public about his condition with his poem Shorty, has now come out with a book entitled The Small Penis Bible, it’s goal is denoted perfectly within the title: this book was created under the deep desire for Smith to… … Keep Reading

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Would You Like A Rat With Your Mocha Latte?

  Some business ideas are unique and quirky. Some are just plain bizarre. The idea of opening a coffee shop combined with a cat rescue is kind of cute and fun. One such cat cafe opened a few years ago in Oakland, California and has been an enormous success. The owners had the idea of opening a… … Keep Reading

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This UFC Fighters Post Fight Interview Was A First

Jessica Andrade, a UFC strawweight contender, had just fought champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk in a title match in Dallas. Unfortunately for Andrade, her title bid was unsuccessful, and she lost the UFC 211 fight by way of a unanimous decision. As is the tradition after title bids, the unsuccessful fighter was interviewed in the ring. In… … Keep Reading

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Ivanka Trump Discusses Human Trafficking

While President Trump was delivering a commencement address to US Coast Guard Academy graduates in Connecticut, a roundtable about human trafficking was held at the White House. Attended by Democrats and Republicans, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the meeting was chaired by respected politician and human trafficking expert Ivanka Trump. The White House pool report… … Keep Reading

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Phantom Bookstore Wag Wins With Best Display Ever

The “First Daughter” Ivanka Trump has released a second book Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success and it has met with reviews that range from “vapid” and “witless” to “a strawberry milkshake of inspirational quotes” and “a grab-bag of generic work-life advice for upper-middle-class white women.” It reads like a strange Pinterest board put together… … Keep Reading

As The Guilty Tally Rises In “Russiagate”, Trump’s Kids Could Get Ensnared In The Trap

If you have no idea about the Trump-Russia scandals currently being investigated, then you have been living under a rock. At this point, it is speculated that 28 people within President Donald Trump’s administration, including the President himself, are being wholly and completely investigated for ties to Russia that tipped the election in Trump’s favor.… … Keep Reading


Trumpkins Starts To Turn On His Own Family

After President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, leaks started to spread as staffers started to reveal information that supposedly was meant for the insiders only. A report from New York Times stated that Trump has been overheard complaining about having to fire Michael Flynn, his national security adviser. In addition to that, Trump allegedly… … Keep Reading


A Moment Of Passion Is Man’s Last (VIDEO)

Although not all of the facts are in yet, we can safely say that one North Charleston man had the unluckiest night of his life. He came and went more or less at the same time, if you catch the drift. On Friday night, police in North Charleston, South Carolina received an urgent call about… … Keep Reading


Michael Moore Says New Film Fahrenheit 11/9 Will End Trump Presidency (VIDEO)

Famous political filmmaker, Michael Moore, who made accurate predictions throughout the presidential campaign last year, has been working on a film. Titled Fahrenheit 11/9, the name of his new film has two meanings. It is a play on his earlier film Fahrenheit 9/11 about the Bush presidency and the chaos that followed September 11 – which… … Keep Reading


Dog “Hugs” His Owner As He Is Being Taken Away In An Ambulance

A man in Argentina suffered a fall while pruning a tree. He fell six-and-a-half feet headfirst. When the emergency crews arrived, the man’s dog would not leave his owner’s side. Jesús Heuche is recovering from a head injury. His dog, Tony, did not want to let the paramedics near. Heuche said: “He thought they wanted to… … Keep Reading

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Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Steps Out Against Ivanka

  At the age of 83, Gloria Steinem has earned the right to speak her mind. The feminist icon and political activist has been speaking truth to power for more than half a century. She has been fighting for women’s empowerment and equality for all of her adult life, and continues to write and lecture even… … Keep Reading

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Wanna Piss A Guy Off? Just Agree With Him (TWEETS/VIDEO)

It turns out The Devil’s Sidechick @FeministaJones on Twitter is on to something. She has discovered that nothing makes a man angrier than accepting a compliment from him with a simple ‘Thank You.” The Tweets came like this: Piss a man off today: Tell him you agree with his compliment of you. — TheDevil's Sidechick (@FeministaJones)… … Keep Reading


Scientists Discover Black Death In Siberia!

It is no secret that climate change is causing the recession of desolate permafrost all over the world. This is releasing many things that have been frozen for centuries. Some of them are fun, like methane gas, which recreationalists have used to create natural explosives. Some of them are not so fun, like the more-than-likely… … Keep Reading


A Black Mass Is Caught On Video in Thailand (VIDEO)

Be forewarned: if you do not like creepy crawlies, then you should stop reading this article right now. But, since you’re already here, let’s talk about how hundreds of black caterpillars in Thailand decided to join together in order to form a slow-moving train that greased across a tiled floor. Earlier this month, a shocked… … Keep Reading


Woman Finds Unusual Surprise In Mailbox

A woman in rural Kentucky was shocked when she opened her mailbox expecting a delivery, but found an unusual yet heartbreaking surprise instead. Instead of a letter or a package, she found a frightened and scared guinea pig. The tan and white female rodent was left in the box with no food or water, but… … Keep Reading

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Nazis And Alt-Right And Racists, Oh, My!

The people of Charlottesville, Virginia were treated last night to a whole big pile of hateful crazies, all in one place. And carrying lighted torches. You see, the city council decided that it was about time to take down the big statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a local park. A century and… … Keep Reading

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